Vegan Turkey, Stuffing, Smoked Gouda Panini

Bangin' Leftovers!

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Here's one of the things I did with the Leftovers this year!  It's a Vegan Turkey, Stuffing, Smoked Gouda Panini and it was pretty amazing!  

I used a Multi-Grain Bread that I had on hand.  I put Vegan Smoked Gouda Cheese on the bottom and then stacked the Vegan Turkey & Stuffing.  I then added another layer of Vegan Cheese.  I gently put this in my panini press until the cheese started to melt a little (the bread was already toasted and I didn't want to burn it).  

I really enjoyed this!  I do wish the cheese melted a bit more but I have noticed that the cheese in other sandwiches act the same way...don't catch up to the bread being toasted.  It's ok, tho, it was tasty!

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